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Matic Praznik studied at the Secondary School for Design and Photography, in the graphic design programme. He continued his education at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana, namely in the art pedagogy programme. In regard to his studies, he was greatly impressed by the sheer diversity of the practical subjects, and equally so by his professors in the fields of graphics, sculpture, drawing, painting and design.

As a student, he also began to create art in his own studio. In 2007 his professor, the sculptor Mirko Bratuša, invited him into his studio as an assistant in the making of a sculpture portraying Pope John Paul II. He participated throughout the entire sculpture process.

In 2010 he graduated with the thesis ‘Barva v kiparstvu’ (Colour in Sculpture), under Professor Roman Makše. His main creative principles are the use of colour and larger pieces of scrap materials, which he finds in junkyards and dumps. Since waste is considered ugly and unaesthetic and because we highly value the principle of recycling waste, he has decided to do the same, but with a twist. By combining forms and materials, he both reinstates their value and gives them new meaning and function. As an artist, he is also drawn by the prospect of rendering an existing form, complete by itself, into a new form of sculpture or painting. He combines various materials, foremost metals and artificial mass, with different shapes, which are often already ‘ready-made’ objects. His art is focused on the issue of gravity, weight and colour, as well as compositions in colour and shape. In his work he attempts to combine sculpture, painting and industrial design.

‘Personally, I believe that art can also be functional. If sculptures and paintings are considered as ‘decorations’, why not also make them useful. A painting might function as a light source, and a sculpture as a table or rest, as long as they remain unique rather than a part of serial production. This is a much debated topic, but I am staying true to my ideas, and since I am a designer at heart, I continue to merge different artistic fields.’


  • 2008
  • gallery of Faculty of Education in Ljubljana (group exhibition)
  • Gallery Razpotje, Hostel Celica, Ljubljana (group exhibition)
  • gallery of Library Jože Mozovca, unit Moste, Ljubljana
  • 2009
  • Gallery Simulaker, Novo mesto (group exhibition)
  • gallery of Imago Sloveniae, Festival - Noči v Stari Ljubljani, Ljubljana
  • 2010
  • Gallery Razpotje, Hostel Celica, Ljubljana (sculptures and luminary objects)
  • Gallery MC Brežice, (retrospective: paintings and luminary objects)
  • 2012
  • Gallery of the city hall in Ljubljana (paintings and functional art)
  • Design Expo, Gospodarsko Razstavišče, Ljubljana (Lamp-vacuum cleaner)
  • exhibition of paintings, sculptures and functional art in the context of the event ARTish, Gornji trg, Ljubljana
  • gallery of Technology Park Brdo, Ljubljana, Building B, (exhibition of paintings and sculptures),
  • 2013
  • Gallery Zavod Derridas – Bar Prulček, Ljubljana, Slovenia. (paintings and luminary objects),
  • Gallery Zavod Derridas – Bar Prulček, Ljubljana, Slovenija. What counts in life! (painted keybords)
  • permanent exhibition (functional art) - visual renovation of Bar Prulček, Ljubljana